Brand : Yes You Can!TM Diet Plan

Yes You Can! Diet Plan Maintain Kit Food Lover: 30 Protein Shake Snacks, 30 Metabo Push Pills, 30 Craving Control Pills, 30 Body Firming Pills, 1 Maintain Guide Bilingual (Spanish/english), 1 Shaker Bottle, 1 Heart Band, 1 Affirmation of Success and 1 Sticker. (Vanilla)


30 Protein Shakes: Designed to provide you with a healthy and satisfying snack in between meals. They contain 15 g of quality protein and 0 added sugar. 30 Metabo Push pills: Natural supplement that helps to stimulate your metabolism and increase calorie burning. It will boost your energy to revitalize you and burn fat. 30 Craving Control pills: Natural supplement that helps to control your cravings and regulate anxiety levels to maintain focus. It levels out your emotions, relaxes you, reduces fatigue and allows you to control stress. 30 Body Firming pills: Natural supplement that helps to firm, tone, regenerate, hydrate, and strengthen skin with vital nutrients. 1 Maintain Guide: his new bilingual edition contains all the necessary information to support your supplements with a balanced and healthy diet. The guide will teach you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. 1 Shaker Bottle: Take your Protein Shakes with you wherever you go and prepare them in your spectacular shaker 1 Heart shaped Band: Maintain your focus and always remember your objective with your Heart Shaped Band. Every time you have a negative or sabotaging thought, flick yourself and remember your goal. 1 Affirmation of Success: Seal your commitment with your ideal weight and repeat this affirmation daily to continue your success. 1 Sticker


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