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Brand : Layer Origin

Max Bloc Carb Blocker – Weight Loss and Keto – 10X Carb Blocking Strength Compared to Traditional White Kidney Bean Extract- Natural Appetite Suppressant Fat Absorber 120 Capsules


✔ Clinically Tested: Max Bloc Carb Blockers are Clinically Tested and can reduce up to 26.2% of glycemic response (calories) for foods according to a clinical study conducted by North Carolina State University. ✔ Max Strength and Safer Carb Blocker: Max Bloc Carb Blocker has 10 times carb-blocking power compared to traditional carb blockers or white kidney bean extract. Max Bloc contains ZERO lectins, while other brands contain a high concentration of toxic lectins. ✔ Proprietary Production Process: Max Bloc Carb Blocker is produced using a patented technology and patent-pending technology from natural white kidney beans – Phaseolus Vulgaris. The process allows us to extract the highest strength while deactivating 100% of the toxic lectins. ✔ All in USA: The Max Bloc bean protein is produced by an FDA-registered facility in U.S. from U.S. farmed beans. Max Bloc Carb Blocker is exclusively supplied by Layer Origin brand for weight loss, weight control, Keto, fat burning, appetite suppressant. Unlike other imported ingredients, we control every step of the production in the USA to ensure the highest strength and safety for our products. ✔ Scientifically Researched and Clinically Tested: Max Bloc Carb Blocker is thoroughly tested and scientifically researched by our in-house scientists to ensure the right dose and taking the time. We have a team of food and nutrition scientists with PhD degrees dedicated to the research and development of Max Bloc Carb Blocker.


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