Veggie Bowl: 50 Vegetarian Versions of Your Favorite Asian Specialties (Spiralizer and Vegetarian Recipes)


Vegetarians have been deemed as stern eco-warriors who eat nothing but bland and grassy salads. Unfortunately, this stereotype has not disappeared after so many years. This is the reason why most people who would like to eat and cook healthy are scared to let go of their old eating habits, plus the idea that vegetarian cooking being a complicated practice. But with the increase in the number of health and veggie loving enthusiasts, the positive word on going meat-free or taking on a few days or maybe a lifetime of being a vegetarian is slowly but surely help enlighten one heart at a time.

If you are looking for the perfect way to really take on the wonderful challenge of vegetarian cooking and meal preparation, then this book is surely for you. “Veggie Bowl: 50 Vegetarian Versions of Your Favorite Asian Specialties” is dedicated to helping people learn and prepare vegetarian meals with ease.

Inside You Will Learn:

  • The benefits and the top tips for making vegetarian bowls.
  • Veggie bowl recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
  • Easy to follow healthy and delicious recipes perfect for beginners and even those who have been vegetarians and vegans for many years.
  • Cooking and food prep suggestions and tips to help ensure that you and your family will have the best meals every single time.
  • That making delicious vegetarian meals does not have to be complicated and stressful.

Downloading this book will not just help you learn how to cook and prepare your food well. It will also make you fall in love with fruits and vegetables, plus the simple art of veggie bowl making.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.


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