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The Secret to the South Beach Body You work out. You watch what you eat. And yet stubborn problem areas remain in your stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. Its enough to make you wonder, what does it take This is exactly what motivated fitness enthusiast, Vanna Belt, to create her signature line of products to set real results into motion. Trim-V The Vanna Beltreg lifestyle brands breakthrough fat-burner is based on a newly developed rapid-re-lease nootropic formula. It is a premium quality dietary supplement engineered to catalyze fat loss while enhancing appetite control and mental performance. Gel-V is a dermo-cosmetic reduction and toning gel that refines your skin across a wide aesthetic span. Gel-Vs advanced formula utilized in an aggressive topical delivery protocol both treats and prevents skin imperfections for broad-ranging benefits. V-Sweat amps up the bodys thermogenic process. The V-Sweat wrap is a durable belt designed to enhance results in moderate to intense workout activity. V-Glove stimulates the breakdown of rigid fatty deposits. The V-Glove is a a massage tool that primes and aids in the optimal absorption of Gel-V.


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