Thrifty Vintage Gluten-Free Recipes: Simple, delicious dishes from World War One through the Great Depression


The thirty kitchen-tested recipes in this cook book have been lovingly adapted from those published during World War One through the Great Depression. Although frugal eating was a reality for millions of Americans, the spirit of the time was to make do with the basics and create simple, delicious meals with gratitude. In fact, the celebrated classic book, Joy of Cooking, was first published during the Depression in 1931. Wheat alternative and gluten-free flours were very popular and a normal part of the American diet, so converting these to 100% gluten-free wasn’t too much of a stretch (but still required extensive kitchen testing).

After I got a divorce in the summer of 2015 I had to cut back on my grocery bill. That’s when I began exploring the thrifty recipes contained herein. The sources for my recipes are from my extensive collection of ladies’ magazines, community cook books and food manufacturer’s booklets.

A common theme I’ve heard is that it’s not possible to eat healthily on a limited budget. Since I began working on Thrifty Vintage Gluten-Free Recipes my meat and chicken consumption has been drastically reduced without any cravings or feelings of deprivation. Instead of eating meat or chicken six nights a week I now have red meat once every two weeks and chicken about three nights a week. The rest of the time it’s vegetarian for me. The beans, nuts and full fat milk in the recipes supply protein and leave me satiated and satisfied. Whole grains, potatoes and vegetables were also common ingredients. It’s about being creative and resourceful with the basics!

In this digital cook book you will receive:

• 30 gluten-free kitchen tested recipes with calorie counts.

• 20 additional vintage recipes for salad dressings.

• Bonus WWI tutorial on making wheat alternative flours at home.

• Sample menu plan with calorie counts.

These are all gluten-free without the use of Xanthan gum and other modern day concoctions. Photos of the recipes along with a free sample of a recipe in this book (the other twenty-nine kitchen tested recipes are exclusive to this book) can be found on my blog, Outdated By Design, which is linked in my author profile.

-Averyl Hill


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