TAILONG Waist Corset for Weight Loss Sport Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burner (L, 1188-Black)


Styling Feature:
How it works:
simply wrap the cinch around your midsection, this creates compression and stimulating thermal activity during your workout.
What does it do:
Use this sexy garment to maximize your workout and flatter your figure! This Waist Cinchers use compression and latex to shape body, make pretty, burn fat, and lose inches. In addition to boosting your workout through compression and perspiration, the Waist Cincher gives support to your spine, lifting bust through posture correction. May be used for jogging or going to the gym.
Read size chart carefully before purchase: Our size chart is based on woman’s standard sizes, thus it is very precise and will help you select the right size for you easily. Simply select the suggested size from the Chart according to your waistline (this is the measurement around your waist, right above your navel, without holding your breath or digging the measuring tape into your skin). If you actual size is between two size,we suggest you choose the big size.
Please note:
the item is flexible and clinging, our waist is also flexible. Please choose the size according to the actual conditions. 
Stop complaining:
If it’s tight it’s because it works! You are supposed to pull sides to get it hooked on, but that’s the idea. If it doesn’t give compression, it won’t shape your figure and help you lose inches, as simple as that. If it’s tight, it’s because it’s made of a high quality, durable latex and cotton lining that won’t get flimsy after a few wears. Material will stretch a little after use making it more comfortable.


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