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Brand : Floraceutical Naturals

Saffron Extract. Natural Appetite Suppression. Reduces Cravings, Boosts Metabolism and Blocks Appetite. 60 Capsules of 88.25 mg Formula. Antioxidant-Rich, Lowers Blood Pressure, Increases Energy.


Want More Stamina and Appetite Suppression? You got it. Noted throughout history as an agent of improving mood and boosting serotonin, new scientific findings have shown that these serotonin levels, as well as other issues associating with poor mood, have a significant impact on not just one’s appetite, but metabolism as well! Our Saffron 88.25 mg extract addresses the factors tied to making someone reach out to eat for the purpose of comfort and appetite. Eliminating emotional eating is a major step in setting the foundation for bringing your weight loss goals into fruition. This especially helps if depression and anxiety has been in the way of staying the course. Why Emotional Eating Also Matters: Because Carbs. Carbohydrates affect a pleasure sensation inside the brain. Saffron Extract works to trigger that brain chemistry and provide that pleasure sensation you would get from eating carbs out of emotions. Only difference is, our Saffron extract will not pack on the pounds. How does that sound? Our All-Natural Saffron 8825 formula is safe with no side effects. It was formulated in our high-quality facility with the strictest of laboratory standards to ensure optimal results. While diet, exercise, and watching your caloric intake can certainly make a difference in your goals, Saffron takes it to the next level by impacting the way food makes you feel. Try the difference today!


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