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Brand : Real Herbs

Real Herbs Acai Berry 400mg – Acai Berry Extract 5:1 Extract Equivalent to 2000mg of Acai Berry Supplement – 50 Capsules


What is Acai Berry? This super fruit is an essential introduction to your diet. Empty the Acaiberry capsule into your morning cereal or favorite drink and kick start your day! Acai berries contain anthocyanins, compounds naturally found in berries that possess high levels of powerful antioxidants which are important to fight off free radicals in the body that can damage healthy cells. They are rich in dietary fiber needed by the body to eliminate toxins for a healthy digestive system and essential fatty acids for healthy and youthful skin, blood vessels and brain function. Acai Berries supplement promotes overall health and a sense of wellness! Why Real Herbs Acai Berry? At Real Herbs, we source our Acai Berry pills powder carefully and without compromise from regions specifically known for quality and purity, selecting only those that meet the highest standards. Real Herbs Acai supplement has been manufactured in USA in a GMP certified, FDA Approved Facility to contain only the purest most potent Acai Berry extract to deliver you all the benefits this Acai concentrate can offer. Only the highest quality goes into every capsule of Real Herbs Acai 2000 Extract. Real Herbs is a natural supplements company passionate about helping people live healthier. We are committed to delivering highest quality products possible and world-class customer service.


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