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Brand : California 90210

Pure Water Away Pills For Rapid Weight Loss – Achieve Natural Results Thanks to Ingredients Like Dandelion Root Extract – Boost Metabolism & Suppress Appetite – for Men & Women by California Products


Burn weight fast the natural and pure way thanks to this diuretic water pill that contains organic dandelion extract from California Products. This is one of the best weight loss supplements on the market and is perfect for both men and women who want to get rid of that awful, bloated feeling without resorting to spending hours in the gym. A large 225mg dosage of dandelion extract is more palatable than the power form, and contains a number of amazing health benefits! It can be used to clear waste out from your system, and especially the kidneys, it’ll fight inflammation as well as relieve pain and swelling. While the cider apple vinegar can actually block the digestion of starch in your food, which may lead to reduced calorie consumption of your meals – an excellent thing if you’re looking to lose weight! Also included in the ingredients are a number of organic items, such as cranberry, green tea and paprika. Cranberry is an excellent antioxidant, while green tea can actually boost your metabolism and help you burn fat along the way – while last but not least paprika is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin E and iron.


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