Brand : PU Health

PU Health Pure acoustics fat freezer body toner, fat reducing body shaper slimming belts, GREEN, 283.495 Gram


In September 2010, the FDA approved a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to freeze away fat cells. From the inception, this groundbreaking procedure required bulky high-tech equipment and repeated visits to the office of a licensed medical practitioner. In five short years, the same technology has been harnessed in a compact, lightweight device that offers comparable results for only a fraction of the cost. Results may vary for some but most users reported on average a 20% loss of fat cells in the treated area with just one application a month. Now you can own this in home system and over time sculpt and tone your frame into the body you have always wanted. In home, fat freezing unit uses scientifically proven fat reduction technology Process freezes fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue Body naturally eliminates frozen fat cells through a process called apoptosis No discomfort associated with process thanks to protective pads included Freeze fat to help sculpt and tone problem areas like abdomen and thighs Device’s unisex design is safe for use by both women and men Process most effective when combined with exercise and sensible diet plan


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