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Brand : Primal Muscle

PRIMAL RIPPED 10X – Thermogenic Fat Burning Supplement – Advanced Weight Loss – Tone Muscles, Shred Abs, & Enhances Workout Results – Targets Belly Fat – 60 Capsules


Boost muscle, burn fat, and get rock hard abs before summer arrives!

As someone who hits the gym regularly, or has a workout plan that includes eating healthy and sustaining an exercise routine, you know firsthand what it takes to get the body of your dreams. That’s why you need premium supplements to help take you to the next level and cut up your body in ways that diet and exercise alone can’t do.

PRIMAL RIPPED is a premier fat-burning supplement that targets stubborn love handles and belly fat so you can shred away the fat and reveal a gorgeous, flat stomach and the muscles that lie underneath.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your metabolic furnace and burn off extra fat before, during and after your workout, choose PRIMAL RIPPED. It’s designed using a safe, but potent combination of caffeine, green tea extract, and lipogenics to enhance your entire body. Get the best thermogenic on the market in PRIMAL RIPPED!

Features and benefits:

· Contains High-Potency Caffeine

· Powerful Metabolism Booster and Energy Booster

· Increases Mental Focus and Acuity

· Enhances Fat Burning Potential

· Total Body Workout Fuel

· Helps Build and Tone Muscle

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