Price : $16.99
Brand : O'sulloc

O’sulloc Water+ Healthy Slimming Drink (Lemon Lime) 2.6g x 30sticks, 1box


O’sulloc Water+ Healthy Slimming Drink (Lemon Lime) is a supplement for your water containing 180mg Catechin that serves as anti-oxidants to purity and lighten up your body. Lemon Lime with Hibiscus, the red flower of magic, and grapefruits, born under the sunlight of the Mediterranean.Contains 180mg Catechin of green tea that clarifies and lightens the body.0 calorie / color-free.Strong anti-oxidant: anti-oxidant index of 1 bag of Water+ = 6,750 ORAC = 300g blueberries or 10 tomatoes (according to USDA resources)180 catechin in 1 bag of Water+ = 8 times greater than sulloc green tea with brown rice.


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