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Optimized Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Enhanced with 5 Specific Ingredients for Maximum Ongoing Weight Loss – 180 Vegetarian Capsules – Best Leptin Support Supplement & Appetite Suppressant – with Unique Natural Carb Blocker For Effective Weight Management – 100% Empty Bottle Guarantee


Warning: Don’t Take Garcinia Cambogia Until You’ve Read This

Hi this is Rob & Brad, founders of Optinutrients where our PASSION is optimizing human performance by examining cutting edge clinical studies to identify the best ingredients to improve YOUR life.

Now, Garcinia Cambogia (GC) is a good start for fat loss but our analysis of clinical studies showed that GC misses a key component of the fat loss:


Studies suggest that leptin is one of the most important fat burning hormones as it controls many of the other hormones related to weight loss and is in charge of telling your body whether it should burn fat.

When you start a lower calorie diet, within 7 days your leptin levels drop by over 50% as your body goes into ‘anti-starvation mode’.

When your leptin levels drop or you are no longer sensitive to leptin, it makes it hard to lose weight. Your weight loss will slow right down as, when dieting, your body believes it NEEDS the fat to protect you from starvation. This drop increases your desire to eat more making it harder to keep losing weight.

Here’s How To Fix This Problem:

IGNITE has a specific combination of natural herbs that have been shown to individually increase leptin, leptin sensitivity or overall fat burning in scientific studies.

IGNITE gives you the recipe for ongoing weight loss without plateaus AND decreased feelings of hunger help you maintain your diet so you end up with a positive feedback loop of weight loss.

Buy today and receive a free 20 page ebook with 15 super tips from the clinical weight loss studies for more ways to enhance your results. Contains full scientific references.

Take Control of Your Leptin Now With Our 365 Day Money Back Guarantee Don’t keep struggling with weight loss – try IGNITE. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it (except your weight!)


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