Price : $21.18
Brand : NuGo

NuGo Nutrition NuGo Slim Bars Gluten Free Espresso — 12 Bars


Getting Real when it comes to your health. For years customers have told NuGo that they wanted a low sugar, high protein snack without the artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols (maltitol) found in so many other “diet products.” Maltitol, a sugar alcohol, can cause major gastric problems like bloating, stomach pain and cramps and can have an awful aftertaste. At NuGo, we wanted to give our customers a more natural option without sacrificing taste – so we sweetened NuGo Slim with a natural dietary fiber, Chicory Root. Then, we dipped NuGo Slim in Real Dark Chocolate which only adds 3g of sugar, but makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the taste. Most other low sugar bars use ‘fake’ chocolate flavored palm oil coatings sweetened with maltitol – can you imagine something like that tasting good? No way. NuGo Slim uses REAL Dark Chocolate which melts in your mouth, tastes better and has added health benefits! Real Dark Chocolate. Real Delicious.without using maltitol…that is the NuGo Slim difference.


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