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Brand : Mark Lauren

Mark Lauren | Focus 15 3 DVD Set


From the internationally bestselling author of You Are Your Own Gym, Mark Lauren created these workouts to get you the fastest possible results with the smallest possible sacrifice of time by letting you choose the focus of your training with three simple options- Upper Body, Total Core, and Legs & Glutes. Whether you are just beginning your quest for a fit body, returning from a long layoff, or looking to add to your existing routine, this 3-disk program will satisfy your needs with fast-paced, high-energy workouts that will develop your physique by challenging your muscular and cardiovascular endurance like never before. Get ready for a serious sweat, and let elite trainer and bestselling fitness author Mark Lauren guide you through these workouts with his clear, easy to understand instructions.

Reviews from the launch team: “The workouts are a lot of fun, which is important! With Mark’s clear instructions, I felt personally coached.” Kevin Hermes “I found the exercises very good. Short and effective! For endurance athletes- runners, triathletes, swimmers, and bikers- this is a great program.” Andre Croda “Today I tried the Total Core workout…. Phew! The exercises from Mark are well selected. It was challenging and fun!” Matthias Hohman “These workouts are great, especially because people nowadays have less and less time!” Corina Strasser “After seeing the trailer several weeks ago, I was eagerly awaiting the workouts. I imagined short and intense training that would be especially useful on days where I don’t have a lot of time. That’s exactly what I got!” Johannes Selig


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