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Leaner Lifestyle Metabolic Workout for Weight Loss and Fat Blasting DVD


This is the most effective system available today to rev-up your metabolism, blast calories and change the shape of your body for good.

Transform your physique with these 4 metabolic boosting workouts to burn fat and build lean muscle. Plus, Cutting Edge Eating, an easy-to-understand guide for clean nutrition to ensure you achieve optimal health and lasting weight loss results.

You expect results in a reasonable amount of time, which is exactly why this system was created. You will get results, without getting hurt. These are safe, adaptable exercises that you can do everyday for the rest of your life. Get lean, tone-up and lose cellulite. These workouts are made for people in the real world.

The Leaner Lifestyle DVD Series Includes:

Power 30 Workout: This total body workout is less than 40 minutes. For best results, do this workout 3 times per week for a tighter, more toned, leaner physique
Metabolic Booster Workout: 30 minute workout that sculpts, tightens, strengthens and stretches your total body.
Recovery Stretch Workout: A relaxing 20-minute routine that keeps your muscles pliable and flexible and eliminates pain in muscles and joints.
Lean Core Workout: Do this exercise 2-3 times per week for a stronger and tighter core and great looking abs. Lean Core is designed to engage core muscles from every angle so they will be flat and toned, without bulging out.
BONUS DVD: Cutting Edge Eating for the Ultimate Metabolic Boost. Nutrition is 80% of your long-term weight loss success and Cutting Edge is an all-in-one guide on what and how to eat for lifelong results.
LynFit Fitness and Nutrition GuideProvides you with the education you need to help rev-up your metabolism, blast calories and improve the shape of your body.


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