Ketogenic Paleo Cookbook: Best 500 Ketogenic Recipes: Lose Weight using Hundreds of Quick and Easy Meal Prep Suggestions (Ultimate List of Ketogenic Recipes … get YOU Lean, Energized and Looking Great)


If you believe that your body condition, your weight and your health issues are simply a product of your genes, this pioneering book bundle could change your mind – and your life – forever.

Many of us have been taught that our genes are fixed at birth but this is far from the full picture. The reality is that many of our genes can be switched on or off according to the kind of food we eat. This remarkable conclusion means that we really can exercise far more control over our bodies than we ever thought possible and this is the foundation of the Epigenetic Revolution. This discovery has become one of the cornerstones of a new way of living that finally puts us in control of our health, our weight and our wellbeing. When the beautifully simple Epigenetic approach is combined with the fat-shredding Keto eating method, we discover how efficient our bodies can be at burning unwanted fat throughout the body. And that includes the stubborn belly fat too. This is a major cause for celebration and when the methods are aligned with the world-famous Paleo Diet, we arrive at a truly effective system for transforming the body from inside and out. This superb book bundle reveals the secrets of:

• Why it’s been hard to lose weight and keep it off permanently – up until now

• How genetic expression really influences your health

• The hidden world of your gut’s eco-system

• Eliminating harmful toxins and purifying your body

• Naturally reversing the effects of aging and looking years’ younger

• How your food choices can promote perfectly natural fat-burning

• The connection between poor food choices and chronic auto-immune response problems

• Taming your sugar cravings

• Eating well and feeling completely satisfied

• Boosting your energy, your stamina and your vigour

• The essential Vitamins and minerals that boost great metabolism and trigger fat-burning

• Why these amazing recipes work so well to make you feel wonderful

Experiencing the wonder of great health has finally become a reality for millions of people who’ve struggled with weight and wellbeing issues. The methods explored in this fabulous book bundle reveal how we can take charge of our health and reverse the effects of poor diet choices, get our health back on track, lose the stubborn weight forever and wake up to a new way of experiencing the wonder of a healthy body. And the food choices are so delicious, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt this great way of fuelling your body years ago! Far from providing a short-term fashion fad diet, this is the full-spectrum approach for bringing vibrant health into our bodies and reducing the risk of illness, regardless of your family history. Powered by the latest research into the way our bodies really function, this life-changing book bundle seeks to spread the knowledge of how to look and feel amazing, to live longer and enjoy robust health throughout our lives. If you’re ready to experience a revolution in your health and wellbeing, download the books right now and get ready to experience the real meaning of great health. It’s your choice now and, if you truly believe you deserve the best health your body can possibly experience, your time for a better life has finally arrived. Don’t waste another day. Join the pathway to better health today.


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