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Kegenix Fruit Medley – 30 day supply – Natural MCT & Green Tea Ketone & Paleo Diet Supplement – Patented Ketonic Blend – Induces Ketosis In 60 Minutes, Fat Burn & Healthy Weight Loss


Kegenix: Unleash The Power Of Ketosis

Back in the old days, were our lives were simpler and our diets healthier, the human body was functioning in tip top shape.


Because it relied on relied on the tiny, yet incredibly powerful ketone bodies, in order to regulate its energy supply.

You now have the chance to help your body revert into its natural state of ketosis, thanks to Kegenix’s potent formula.

What’s In A Sachet?

Delightfully flavorful, a Kegenix Orange Blast drink provides you with far more than a zesty, sweet orange taste.

Supplementing your diet with Kegenix delivers the following natural ingredients to your system:

– Our proprietary ketonic blend: Brings about nutritional ketosis in 1 HOUR and sustains the process through the DAY, helps your body run on FAT not carbs;
– MCT: Lasting energy, improved fat metabolism, leads to natural ketone formation;
– Green Tea: Powerful antioxidant and weight loss booster;
– Minerals & Vitamins: For total system support.

Institute Change On A Cellular Level

Kegenix makes you look and feel better, long-term, due to its expert formulation and unique, phased delivery of ketones.

By mixing one sachet of Kegenix powder in just 8 ounces of water per day, you will:

– Rapidly absorb exogenous ketones and electrolytes, balancing your bloodstream’s profile;
– Naturally sustain ketosis through our unique blend of ketogenic amino acids and metabolites;
– Stimulate endogenous hepatic ketone production, via Kegenix’s MCT & RS4 Fiber components.

What’s There To Lose?

Nothing But Weight & FAT!

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