Healthy Diets Box Set: Fat Loss Secrets Revealed: Your Guide To Rapid Sustained Fat Loss (How to Lose Weight, Weight Loss Diet) (Healthy Living Lifestyle Recipes)


Book 1 – Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox for Beginners: Cracking the Sugar Detox Secret – Stop Sugar Addiction, Increase Energy and Lose Weight with the 10 DAY SUGAR DETOX Diet (Detox Your Body)

This book would open your eyes to the true cause of obesity and diabetes – as well as other related diseases; it would teach you how sugars are broken down in the body; it would also show you how to apply a 10-day sugar-addiction detox program to combat this scourge.

Book 2 – Atkins Diet for Beginners

The Ultimate Atkins Diet to Weight Loss with 24 Quick and Easy Low Carb Atkins Recipes

This book will equip the reader with useful information on Atkins in weight loss. This information is divided into chapters for ease of reading and understanding. These are:

1.) Introduction to Atkins diet

2.) How Atkins low carb diet works

3.) Tips for Atkins diet beginners

4.) Quick and easy Atkins low carb recipes

Just like any other weight loss program, Atkins diet requires personal sacrifice, determination and commitment. Putting your heart and mind into it will increase the chances of succeeding. Successful weight loss requires complete lifestyle change: this is not easy, especially in the beginning; hence a person can easily give in to the temptation to quit.

Book 3 – Alkaline Diet

5 Super Useful Tips To Lose Weight using Alkaline Diet Plan, Alkaline Water and Alkaline Foods.

Donuts, Twinkies, French fries, soft drinks, the standard American diet is centered around processed foods. Beyond the obvious health risks that these unhealthy and fattening oils produce, these are all highly acidic foods.

Of course our body has natural counter systems in charge of neutralizing this acid, but it does put stress on the organs involved, even in healthy bodies. Excess acid is harmful in that it not only stresses organs such as our kidneys but in that it has the potential of interfering with key bodily processes critical to ensuring that the body runs normally.

The Alkaline Diet easily solves all those problems and provides extra energy.

Book 4 – Hormone Reset Diet

Proven Step by Step Guide to Balance Hormones, Look Younger, Boost Metabolism, and Lose Weight in 10 Days

This book is a comprehensive write up that presents proven steps and strategies on how to properly plan your meals for successful hormone reset. This book was made to help you sort out your meal plan.

Book 5 – Ketogenic Diet

Delicious Ketogenic Diet Recipes For Weight Loss (10 Day Meal Plan)

This e-book explains a ketogenic diet plan regimen of weight reduction, which will be of excellent worth to those which their physical bodies developed to reduce their weight. This e-book highlights the essential ideological background on the ketogenic diet plan program for weight shed. Folks on a regular basis need to identify exactly what the best diet plan routine plan. And what they need to do to lose fat quicker.

Book 6 – Anti Inflammatory Diet

Quick Guide to Healing Inflammation, Heart Disease, Weight loss in 7 days (7-Day Meal Plan)

“Anti inflammatory Diet – Quick Guide to Healing Inflammation, Heart Disease, Weight loss in 7 days (7 – Day Meal Plan)”, is a book written out of passion to reach out to people suffering from inflammation of any kind, which has resulted into a chronic or rather severe disease that is currently a threat to their health. Quite a number of times, lack of information is the real cause of an unease rather than the presumed real cause. In this book, you will learn various tips that directly address your current health situation. It provides in sequence and in series, several formulas you can easily adopt to get your health going good. This masterpiece also provides you with adequate information about how what you eat can be a great threat to your health and also, how what you eat can be a great blessing to your health. All de


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