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Fitness Dice: Quick Sweat Workout Dice: Bodyweight Exercise Dice Game. Designed by Military Fitness Expert. Online Video Instructions. No Equipment Needed. Fun, Motivating at Home Workout Programs


You want to exercise but can’t find the time. Gyms are expensive, and there’s traffic. When you do go to the gym, you don’t know what to do, and you’re not really sure how to use the equipment anyway. You could get a personal trainer, but they’re really expensive. You’ve tried working out in the past, but you got bored, lost motivation, and you didn’t see any results.

We designed Quick Sweat Fitness Dice for you. With these dice, you can work out anywhere. Got 5 minutes three times a day? That’s perfect. No preparation, no planning. Just take out your dice and play a quick game. Games are fun and competition is motivating. You’ll never do the same workout twice, so it’s always fresh and exciting. Multiple small workouts several times day are scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build muscle.

For even more fun, play with your friends and family. Challenge each other and get fit and strong together!

About Stack 52 and Sergeant Volkin

Sergeant Michael Volkin has a master’s degree in science, has authored 5 books, and has over 20 years of fitness experience. The US Army awarded Sergeant Volkin the Army Commendation Medal for the fitness programs he designed for the troops while stationed overseas. Stack 52 exercise games have been sold in over 24 countries.

What comes in the Box:

There are 5 colored exercise dice representing 5 different muscle groups, and one white repetition count dice. There are 6 different bodyweight exercises on each colored dice:

· Green: 6 Chest exercises

· Red: 6 Core/Ab exercises

· Blue: 6 Cardio exercises

· Yellow: 6 Leg exercises

· Orange: 6 Arm exercises

· White: Repetition count, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14

· 1 black velvet storage pouch


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