Fermentation and Canning Box Set: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Fermenting, Canning and Preserving Fruits, Vegetables and Meat (Stockpile Pantry)


Fermentation and Canning Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: Food Fermentation for Beginners: Step-by-Step Fermentation Guide for Tasty Vegetables Year-Round

If you have ever wished that you could somehow have all of summertime’s vast range of tasty and colorful vegetables for your table year-round, you actually can! This is a beginner’s guide for countertop fermentation of vegetables of all types. Contrary to canning, which requires heating and cooking foods to preserve them for a long period of time, countertop fermentation keeps your garden fresh vegetables in and an enhanced raw state. Enhanced? Yes, fermentation enhances probiotic content, creating more gut- and immune-health benefits for you from your vegetables.

In this book, you will learn:

• the health benefits from your countertop fermented vegetables

• what you need to easily start fermenting raw, garden-fresh vegetables today

• how to know when the fermentation process is complete

• a little bit about the science behind fermentation

• a few basic recipes for fermenting vegetables with herbs and spices to get you started

Book Two: DIY Canning: Simple Recipes for Canning and Preserving Fruits, Vegetables and Meats

Canning food is enjoying a modern day resurgence. Many years ago our grandparents canned seasonal produce so that they could enjoy it at all times of the year. These days it is easy to pick stuff up at the supermarket but often it is not ecologivally friendly, it may have been flown thousands of miles or intensively farmed to bring it to your plate out of season. Chutneys and preserves are either so high end as to be expensive or so cheap as to be of inferior quality.

This book will show you how to can your own food in your own kitchen and enjoy high quality produce year round for a fraction of the price.

Inside You Will Learn:

• How the process of home canning works;

• What equipment you need to can your own food;

• What foods can be canned;

• How to make delcious jams and jellies;

• How to make your own curds and pie fillings;

• The secret behind scrumptious salsas and curious chutneys;

• How to can and pickle vegetables;

• Tips and tricks for preserving meats and soups;

• And much, much more

Many people think that home canning is complex and time consuiming. That could not be further from the truth. Once you know and understand how the process works many of the recipes take less than an hour from start to finsih. So download this book today and get started!


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