Easy Healthy Recipes: Increase Your Health with Mediterranean Food, or the Dairy Free Way


Easy Healthy Recipes: Increase Your Health with Mediterranean Food, or the Dairy Free Way The Easy Healthy Recipes book covers two diet plans, the Mediterranean Diet and the Dairy Free Diet. Each of these easy healthy food diets are considered to be among the healthiest, offering healthy food ideas using healthy foods to make very easy healthy food recipes. You will find healthy food recipes for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. You will find delicious healthy recipes for snacks and desserts too. These quick meal recipes help in planning the menu for weeks at a time. Take these cheap easy healthy recipes and start a lifestyle change for the better. The Mediterranean Diet section has these categories: Key Ingredients and Recipes, Fruits and Vegetables, Beans and Legumes, fish and Seafood, Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano, Basil, and Other Herbs, Whole Grains, Cheese and Yogurt, Protein Sources, Key Nutritional Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, Healthy Mediterranean Habits, Medical Benefits, Medical Research, and Extra Dieting and Wellness Tips. The Dairy Free Diet section has these categories: Benefits of Dairy Free – Why People Choose Dairy Free, How to cope When You’re a Dairy Lover, but for Health Reasons You Must Go Dairy Free, Sample 5 Day Dairy Free Diet Plan, Kids Can Enjoy Dairy Free Diet Too, Dairy Free Breakfast Recipes, Lunch and Supper Recipes, Snacks and Desserts, and a Dairy Free Diet Conclusion. A sampling of the recipes includes: Coconut Flavored Rice Pudding, Chicken and Dumplings, Buckwheat Walnut Muffins, Pumpkin Spice Muffins, Orange Banana Berry Pancakes, Super Easy Vegetable Beef Soup, Cream of Chicken Soup, Mac and Cheese, Cheesy Vegetable Casserole, Apple Crumb Dessert, Yellow Cake, Chocolate Rice Crispy Bars, Pumpkin Pie, Cabbage Soup, Chicken A La King, Cream Corn, Honey Rolled Chicken Kabobs, Basic Fried Chicken, Balsamic Vinegar Chicken, Chicken and Fruit Salad, Split Pea Soup, and Breakfast Banana Smoothie.


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