Diabetic Smoothies: 35 Delicious Smoothie Recipes to Lower Blood Sugar and Reverse Diabetes (Diabetic Living)


Diabetic Smoothie Recipes

The central factor in managing diabetes is the control of blood sugar. If you have diabetes, your choice of food matters a lot. You need to embrace food that is low in added sugar and fat, rich in nutrients, moderate to low in calories, and balanced in carbohydrates.

The Diabetic Smoothies in this book are made of healthy and tasty vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs that are known to lower blood sugar. These superfoods provide fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will slow down the absorption of glucose in your body, boost your immune system, detox the body and help you manage blood sugar.

When you’re watching what you eat and trying to stay healthy, it’s easy to feel deprived. Your mind can trick you into thinking you’re hungrier than you are because you’re not indulging in the rich desserts or easy snacks that you might have consumed in the past. A smoothie can be a meal, a snack, a dessert or something quick that you grab on the go. You’ll feel less deprived, and that will help you control cravings and binges.

By reading this book you’ll learn:

• What is the diabetes diet

• Diabetes superfoods that can help lower blood sugar

• Tips to making delicious smoothies

• 35 Recipes for diabetic-friendly smoothies

Diabetes can be proactively managed through your lifestyle and what you eat. There is no reason to think you can’t have a full, productive and joyful life just because you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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