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Create Your Shape DIET DROPS – Rapid Weight Loss Supplement – Ultra Concentrated – Appetite Suppressant – Fat Burner – Infused with African Mango – Helps Burn Calories – Lose Belly Fat – Amino Acids – No Side Effects – All Natural USA Made


#1 BEST SELLER* Diet Drops by Create Your Shape Our #1 best seller for weight loss, our brand new 2016 formula hormone free, infused with African Mango 1 bottles (1 Month Supply) – Expiration May 2020 Product Benefits · Helps with obtaining your weight loss goals.· African Mango Infused · Pure, All-Natural Weight Loss Formula. No additives. · Supports Reduction of Body Fat and Weight Loss. What are Diet Drops? Our Diet Drops contain African Mango extract which are known to contain a variety of nutrients including fiber, amino acids essential fatty acids and minerals. In addition, African Mango is said to promote weight loss by helping suppress your appetite (after the first week), speeding up metabolism and preventing fat buildup. However, there are no miracle weight loss supplements available on the market today therefore these must be used in conjunction with the diet drops diet plan. Our company has gone green, therefore all directions, diet plans and recipes are located on the website printed on the back of the label for easy reference. DIRECTIONS: 10 drops under the tongue, 3 times per day (before each meal is preferable) Q. Can you explain in more detail how the DIET DROPS burn fat? A. Sure! For optimal results, when you want to diet, you ought to lower your calorie intake and eat very lean. All research, trials and studies have shown that this is part of . 100% Pure All Natural – No artificial flavoring added – FLAVOR FREE


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