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Cookbook + 8″ Plate + Bowl – Pre-Surgery Bariatric Diet Kit with VLCD Vegetable Guide, Melamine Bowls & Plates for Long-term WLS Eating. Perfect Portion Control Plate Sets for all stages of Gastric By


Why this plate and bowl?

Because this Bariatric plate and bowl both hold an easily measured portion.

Designed to aid post-surgery portion control weight loss and food choices giving you a much improved diet.

Complete with instruction booklets that simply describe how easy they are to use. The Portion Perfection Bariatric Plate & Bowl are practical tools for those with a gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Both have easy to follow markings guiding you to the type of food to make up a main meal allowing you to get the best food tolerance with your surgery and indicates the approximate aperture of the well-adjusted band.

The creator of Portion Perfection is a bariatric dietitian with 25 years’ experience.

The portion bowl is included because not everything you eat goes on a plate – think cereal and snacks.

The Free Vegetable Cookbook is suitable for use during Very Low Calorie Diets (shakes) and a perfect addition to any meal.

There’s additional support available from the team at Portion Perfection via /portionperfection so you’re never alone.

The creator, Amanda Clark is a professional contributor to and is a sought after source of practical advice internationally.

WARNING: Melamine is not suitable for microwave heating, or for the serving of very high temperature foods such as fried foods and boiling soups.

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This product works best with the Portion Perfection books and the menu plan which identify the correct portion size.


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