BPA FREE-Ice Pop Molds by Top Choice-Set of 6 Popsicle Molds (Multicolor)-Now You Can Make Your Own Homemade Popsicles With The Best Ice Pop Maker On Amazon …



• There’s nothing like the taste of a fruity, frosty,fruit popsicle on a hot summer’s day. But when you think about the excess sugars, chemical dyes and artificial flavors in the ice pops that you buy in stores, you may think twice about buying them for your family. You could get out some cups and cardboard popsicle sticks and try to make some DIY freezer pops, but that’s a recipe for disaster! The fruit juice never sets properly. It gets stuck to the cups, and the popsicles spill, drip and melt everywhere.

• Who needs the hassle? Families like yours certainly don’t! That’s why we created Top Choice BPA Free Popsicle Molds, the no-hassle, healthy way to enjoy popsicles at home. Our set of 6 ice pop molds are made especially for freezing juices and other ingredients into perfect freezer pops. Just fill, place them in the included 7x5x8-inch popsicle tray and put on the handle lid! Pop the popsicle maker into the freezer and let the cold do its magic! Soon, you’ll have perfect, delicious ice pops to savor, and the specially designed handles will keep your fingers free of sticky drips!

• Top Choice Imports BPA Free Popsicle Molds are constructed out of durable plastic, so you can use them again and again in the freezer for years to come. After you’ve enjoyed your popsicles, the handles and ice pop molds can go right in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleanup.At Top Choice Imports, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That’s why we put each of our popsicle molds BPA free sets through a 12-point inspection before we box it up to ship to you, and why we back up every popsicle set with a lifetime replacement warranty!

Enjoy a lifetime of tasty, healthy ice pops straight from the freezer! Order the Top Choice Imports BPA Free Popsicle Molds set today!


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