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Brand : ProSpinach

Appethyl Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar. Appetite Suppressant 12-1.76 oz (50g) Bars


Appethyl by ProSpinach Helps you control your appetite, instead of your appetite controlling you by giving the body’s own satiety signals time to work, This appetite suppressant helps you make healthy food choices and stick to a healthy diet! Appethyl by ProSpinach is a pure spinach carefully extracted to free the thylakoids hidden inside – a patented, clinically-effective, all-natural and literally green product with profound health benefits. “I believe that Appethyl is special. It is a safe food made from spinach that decreases hunger and decreases desire for salt, both key attributes that could be beneficial for people trying to maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure.” -Dr. Frank Greenway, lead researcher and chief medical officer of Pennington Biomedical’s Outpatient Clinic. Clinically Studies have shown that: √ Assists in glucose balance √ Aids with proper cholesterol levels √ Acts as a probiotic √ Prolongs uptake of carbohydrates √ Delays absorption of fats √ Promotes body weight reduction √ Reduces waist circumference √ Cuts Hunger up to 25% √ Reduce cravings up to 95% √ Feel effects as soon as day one. 9 Human Clinical Trials Completed on Appethyl. From Spinach, No side effects, Safe & Effective, All Natural, Green, Healthy dose of Greens, Healthy Alternative to diet Pills, Acute Effect one day to one week. All natural Appetite Suppressant


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