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Anti oxidant Supplement – African Mango Extract 1200MG – African Bush Mango – 3 Bottles (180 Capsules)


anti oxidant supplement – AFRICAN MANGO EXTRACT 1200MG – african bush mango – 3 Bottles (180 Capsules)

Nutritional Content: There are statement that the ingredients contained in the fruit’s seed is abundant in beta-carotene. The seed is also rich in calcium, iron and B vitamins, as well as healthy fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for brain health, body function and muscular development.

Memory and concentration: Mango works much better to strengthen your memory and concentration because it has an important protein, Glutamin acid, zinc and minerals. Zeaxanthin anti-oxide is found in mango which filter blue ray of sun, of which role a play of protecting your eyes and prevent the muscular degeneration.

Digestion Problems: Consuming African mango can help you to smoothe the digestion due to its enzyme concentration to help protein digesting. By consuming African mango at least three times a week, you can say good bye to constipation forever. Mango is rich of potassium and pectin. Pectin is a fiber you need to reduce your cholesterol level inside your blood vein.

Weight control: African mango is a hidden secret of fat weight losing shortly without any dangerous side effect. On the contrary of weight losing function by reducing fat cholesterol, African mango can also be functioning as weight gaining. Mango may boost your immune to have such a good metabolism so your body can find its ideal weight by itself.

Heart and Bones: Potassium, vitamin, and fiber are three most important contents in African mango which cooperate together to provide heart health. Automatically, it will also reduce the cardiovascular problems. African mango has almost ideal proportion of potassium and K vitamin to optimal potassium absorption into the blood and cells.

Skin and Beauty: African mango may rejuvenate and revitalize your face skin.


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