Brand : R-Kane

Z-Pro 25 Good Health LLC (Chocolate)


Z-Pro 25 Comes in two delicious flavors Chocolate and Vanilla. Z-Pro 25 Diet Shakes have 24 packets per box, Z-Pro 25 is a nutritional answer to malnutrition resulting from gastric bypass surgical procedures. Gastric bypass patients are at risk of malnutrition owing to their reduced stomach volume. They are challenged to get adequate protein and vitamin/mineral absorption. Z Pro 25 reconstitutes to half the volume as compared to other products, so the patient can get all of the nutrients required in a day. Most available protein supplements are too low in protein and too high in carbohydrate. Z-PRO 25 Does what other supplements cannot do. A single packet of Z Pro 25 mixes instantly into a delicious shake or pudding containing 25 grams of protein and 6.5 grams of carbohydrate (lactose free) and 33 1/3% of the RDI of all the essential vitamins and minerals. The average male requires approximately 93 grams of protein daily, females require an average of 71 grams of protein daily. This is based on the known requirement of 1.5 grams of protein per kg of ideal body weight. The Gastric bypass patient is able to consume 3 or 4 packets daily by reconstituting to a pudding with just 2 oz. Water, and thereby gets the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals. Z-Pro 25 is most commonly used in physician monitored weight loss protocols, but can be purchased here.


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