Price : $37.89
Brand : Shinyakoso

Yoru Osoi Gohan Demo DIET Gold Enzyme Supplements Late Night Rice 30 Days


Take 1-3 bags (5-15 grains) with water a day. Ingredients: Maltodextrin, rice koji powder, isomaltooligosaccharide, yeast peptide, koji mold culture extract, turmeric extract powder, indigestible dextrin, koji mold culture sub-grain extract -GF, yeast (zinc-containing), cinnamon powder, α- lipoic acid (thioctic acid), ginger extract, papaya processed goods, spore lactic acid bacteria, yeast (chromium content), L- Karunichinfumaru salt, virgin coconut oil powder, Gymnema sylvestre extract, dextrin, black pepper extract / crystalline cellulose, stearic acid Ca , silicon dioxide, niacin, (from crab shrimp) chitin chitosan, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folic acid


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