Brand : VitaJing

White Kidney Bean Extract Powder (4oz – 114gm) 20:1 Concentration ★ORGANIC & CONTAMINANT FREE TESTED★


Why VitaJing?

Our POTENT 20:1 Concentrated Powder Extracts Deliver REAL RESULTS!


We produce our HIGH GRADE White Kidney Bean Extract in an FDA, GMP, ISO, HACCP, Halal, Kosher Approved Facility.

TESTED and CERTIFIED PURE from contamination of heavy metals, molds, chemicals and bacteria. Our production quality can’t be beat!

POTENCY: 1 tsp of our 20:1 powdered extract = 10 CONCENTRATED competitor pills on average!

Why take White Kidney Bean Extract?

White Kidney Bean Extract is carbohydrate blocker, also known as a starch neutralizer. It helps block the enzyme responsible for carbohydrate digestion. As a result slowing their digestion, reducing their glycemic index and their conversion to fat stores in your body as a result.

This also helps to allow you to feel fuller while eating, so assisting in preventing overeating and eating the wrong foods as a result!

Considering Pills or Tablets?

Pill forms don’t provide enough!

1 tsp of our powdered extract = 10 CONCENTRATED competitor pills on average!

We use a 2% Phaseolin extract, MOST others unless noted are 1% or less!

You simply can’t get a better value for concentrated White Kidney Bean Extract! Those who want to get the most out of White Kidney Bean Extract will take 2-3 tsp daily.

Do you REALLY want to be popping 20-30 pills per day!?!

Pills & Tablets are Overpriced for what you get.

Vitajing White Kidney Bean Extract is the way to go!


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