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Wellsome Nutrition- 1000mg All Natural White Kidney Bean, Carb Blocker, Weight Loss -90 Count


The Wellsome Nutrition White Kidney Bean Extract simultaneously works to block carbohydrate absorption and aids in the conversion of carbohydrates to immediate energy. Our formula is a special 100% organic blend that helps our consumers reach their specific health goals. Our White Kidney Bean formula also promotes healthy weight-loss, helps to stabilize blood sugar and can suppress appetite.

The normal digestion process of carbohydrates involves them being broken down into sugar and deposited into the bloodstream, which impacts sugar levels causing cravings for sugary (and fatty) foods; which ultimately leads to weight gain. So we have created a formula to combat that process. Our special white kidney formula works to inhibit this breakdown of carbohydrates into sugar, allowing them to pass through your system. Our revolutionary formula allows carbohydrates intake with minimal weight gain. White kidney bean extract in our formula also works to block the digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase that is responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates. The unabsorbed Carbohydrates then pass out your body as waste.

Combining white kidney bean extract with a balanced diet and exercise is a great way to enjoy your favorite fattening, starchy foods while shedding excess weight! For best results, we suggest that you use our formula before consuming a meal high in Carbohydrates.

Benefits of Our White Kidney Bean Extract Supplement:

• Inhibits this Breakdown of Carbohydrates into Sugar

• Blocks Carbohydrates

• Promotes Minimum Weight Gain

• Made with 100% All Natural Ingredients

• Manufactured in the USA in FDA inspected facilities

We guarantee that with the right mixture of eating well, exercising and using our vitamin supplements that Wellsome Nutrition can help you reach your healthy weight goal.


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