Weight Loss Box Set: Amasing Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss + Good Gut Diet for Balancing Your Digestive System (Low Carb Diet, Healthy Eating, Slow Cooker Recipes)


BOOK #1: Low Carb Recipes: 20 Healthy and Delicious Low Carb Recipes You Can Prepare Easily and Reduce Your Weight

In this book we will educate you about foods. We will tell you how food breaks down in our bodies and how our bodies use that food to create energy, fat and other substances our bodies need to be healthy.

BOOK #2: 5:2 Diet Cookbook: 20 Fast and Easy to Make Diet Recipes To Reduce Your Weight

The modest method proposed in this book is to have a balanced diet and lose weight by learning how to make delicious, nutritious and healthy food that can be prepared in advanced for daily lunches or whipped up quickly when you come home from work. Learning how to cook healthy food isn’t enough if none of that food is appealing and you are always looking forlornly at co-workers or friends eating a hamburger and that is why the recipes in this book try to provide you with new favorites that you will look forward to.

BOOK #3: Slow Cooker: Cooking and Recipes for Weight Loss: 60 Simple and Easy Recipes

In this book, I take out the guesswork on how to balance healthy and satisfying meals. These recipes span many flavors and are incredibly easy to put together!

BOOK #4: Paleo Diet: Reduce Your Weight Easily With These Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes

These recipes are all healthy, even the sweet treats, and will all help promote weight loss and wellness. You will feel lighter, brighter and full of energy.

BOOK #5: Good Gut: The Ultimate Good Gut Diet to Maintain Good Health and Balance Your Digestive System for Permanent Weight Loss

This book will help you learn more about the unusual and yet useful world of the good and bad gut bacteria that live in harmony with our bodies and that help us stay healthy and slim. It will show you how to take care of your gut through the intake of the right food and by doing the right things for your gut and for your body in general.

BOOK #6: Good Gut: The Next Thing You Should Do If You Want to Heal Your Gut and Improve Your Intestinal Health

If you have ever suffered from severe stomach problems and were at a loss as to what you can do about them; please read this book. Without even having to go to a doctor there are some simple lifestyle changes and adjustments that could have you well on your way to the road of recovery. This book gleans some of the best secrets of maintaining optimal Gut health in just a few pages. You don’t have to do anything major or drastic to have a healthy stomach you just need to take an inventory of what your body is telling you and what it really needs. Let this book guide you in that direction.

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