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Weight Loss and Portion Control Kit – Focus Nutrition and Healthy Living Dinnerware Set – Microwave Friendly Beautiful Porcelain


Focus Nutrition and Portion control kit Bonus Offer – Inventory Clearance Sale

Beautifully crafted portion control starter plates and dishes will get you well on your way to better health over the holidays and beyond! Why not make this your treat to yourself. This way you can kick off the New Year with you putting yourself first. What a concept!

This will help you with:

– Managing your weight naturally

– Maintaining well-controlled blood sugar levels

– Leading your family to better health for the long term

– Retraining the eyes on how to eat nutritious, balanced meals (we never knew what that meant before)

What’s in the box?

* 1 – 9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Porcelain
* 1 – 16oz Portion Control Bowl for Soups, Salads or Cereal; Microwaveable Porcelain
* 2 – 8oz Portion Control Bowl for Fruit and Snacks; Microwaveable Porcelain
* 2 – 10oz portion control drinking glasses
* 2 – 6″ Portion Control Plate for Breads & Desserts, Porcelain
* 1 – Eat & Learn Nutrition Control System Disc

This starter Nutrition & Portion Control System can become your partner for better health. Why not get started today!


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