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VEEP Nutrition Weight Loss Kit – Hospital Utilized – Based on over 4,000 Studies – Used In Employee Wellness By Some of the Nations Largest Employers – Seen on Dr. Phil Show


VEEP is a rethink of nutrition. It is not based on counting or tracking, or the old paradigm of calories or glycemic index. VEEP is field tested and proven in the employee wellness programs of some of the nations largest employers. Based on over 4,000 studies over a 4 year period, VEEP is used by medical professionals for their own weight loss and a major hospital has used VEEP for their employees.

The VEEP Weight Loss Kit includes the VEEP Smart technology. VEEP answers the fundamental question we all have – “can you show me exactly what to eat?” With VEEP, the perfect ratios of carbs to fats to protein and shown visually. Its simple and no guessing.

Begin with VEEP Assessment, the most comprehensive assessment available, examining over 100 points of your unique metabolism. This alone is worth over $100 and in the employee wellness arena where VEEP has proven itself, it often competes with $100 assessments. You will be amazed at the insights into your unique body.

Next is the VEEP Mini -Cleanse, an all natural 2 day cleanse using only real foods, you blast off to rapid fat loss to jump start your body.

Also included is VEEP University, the ground breaking series of lessons where you learn to use real food in real life situations.

The VEEP Weight Loss Kit also includes Whey Biotic, the worlds most advanced protein. Made from purest non GMO New Zealand Grass Fed Cows, Whey Biotic is infused with an advanced probiotic to recolonize the gut microbiota favorably to support healthy weight and appetite. New research now confirms the gut microbiota exert tremendous influence over fat metabolism and appetite.

Finally, included in the kit is perhaps the most often neglected and yet critical aspect of weight loss – sound sleep! Epic Sleep is an amazing sub lingual sleep formulation you spray under the tongue at bedtime for wonderfully sound and restorative sleep to maximize weight loss.


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