Top 10 Chicken Banting Recipes


As far as Banting goes, chicken promises a fast and tasty meal. Chicken can be served as snacks, appetizers, entrees, main courses, side dishes and even soups. To prove this point: next time you feel like having pizza, use equal parts cooked chicken mince and cheese and mix in some of your favorite herbs and spices. Press into a baking tray and bake until the cheese has melted. Voila! Perfect and tasty pizza crust ready for your favorite toppings!

The only problem with cooking with chicken when Banting is that the meat is naturally low in fat, especially if you use the breast meat. It is therefore important to add natural fats in the form of bacon, cheese or butter to raise the fat content of your meals. The good thing about this is that by adding these sources of fat you greatly enhance the flavor of the final dish!

In this book we celebrate this diverse meat with 10 easy and interesting recipes to tantalize your taste buds whilst making the preparation fast and easy. So let’s get started!


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