The Ultimate Workouts for Weight Loss: 4-DVD Collection


The best workout plan for weight loss includes a wide variety of different styles and intensity to maximize your results and help beat boredom. This 4-DVD set includes a complete set of FUN home workout routines designed to build metabolically active lean muscle mass, calorie burning cardio, targeted abs training and stress-relieving flexibility work. Lose weight and feel great with this 4-DVD collection from fitness expert Jessica Smith. Mix up your routine with a variety of different styles (including walking, strength training, barre, Pilates, kickboxing and more) and intensity for best results. This 4-DVD Weight Loss Set includes 13 different, complete routines: DVD #1: 10 POUNDS DOWN CARDIO ABS (86 Minutes) Cardio Abs (28 Minutes) Total Body Abs Transformer (28 Minutes) Concentrated Abs (26 Minutes) Tummy Torching Tabata (4 Minutes) DVD #2: WALKING FOR WEIGHT LOSS, WELLNESS & ENERGY DVD (70 Minutes) Walking Warm Up (5 Minutes) High Energy Walk (30 Minutes) Power Walk (30 Minutes) Cool Down & Stretch (5 Minutes) DVD #3: TOTAL BODY BALANCE DVD (80 Minutes) Cardio Flow (20 Minutes) Sole Sculpt (20 Minutes) Core Stretch (20 Minutes) Cardio Dance Sculpt (20 Minutes) DVD #4: BARRE FITNESS DVD (60 Minutes) Cardio Ballet (20 Minutes) Barre Burn (20 Minutes) Floor Barre (20 Minutes) About Your Instructor: Jessica Smith is a certified trainer, instructor and author, a monthly online contributor for SHAPE Magazine and host of JESSICASMITHTV. For more information, please visit


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