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Brand : The Swedish Diet

The Swedish Diet 1 Month Weight Loss Program, 18 Ounce


The 1 month weight loss program includes: 4 bottles of the Swedish Diet, 1 bottle of the green coffee bean 1 bottle of the raspberry ketones if taken according to the instructions you should be able to lose between 12-20 pounds per month. The base in this 1 month program is our well proven Swedish Diet which you shall take every morning instead of breakfast and then we have added two very effective products for additional support in the program. The green coffee bean capsules will help you burn fat and the raspberry ketones will help you suppress your appetite. The best thing of it all is that you can use this for 1, 2, 3 or as many months as you need, to reach that ideal weight. Easy to use, just mix with water. Proven effective. You drink it once per day. Each bottle lasts for 1 week of dieting, increases metabolism, decreases appetite lowers cravings, gently aids digestion the Swedish Diet system gently boosts metabolism, decreases the appetite and aids digestion to promote sustainable weight loss. It’s loaded with nourishing vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and electrolytes that one needs while eating less to lose weight. It also includes fiber and green tea, proven to aid in weight loss. The Swedish Diet gently rids the body of harmful toxins, stimulates the metabolism and suppresses appetite to optimize a safe, healthy and quick weight loss. It comes with an easy to follow program that includes a sensible eating plan and exercise guidelines. It’s easy to use: Shake bottle well. Add 1 tablespoon of the concentrate to a 12 fluid ounce (360 ml) bottle or glass of water and shake until dissolved. Sip slowly before or instead of a meal as in The Swedish Diet system. Enjoy a sensible lunch and dinner and three small snacks daily and walk or exercise 20 minutes each day. You can expect to see measurable results after just one week.


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