The SMART Mexican Food Diet: Healthy eating that feels like cheating


Maru Dávila, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, is determined to help millions of people transform their health, weight and lives through the power of S.M.A.R.T. nutrition. In this book, she demonstrates that Mexican Food, when chosen right, is the ideal food for losing weight and detoxing your body. Her recipes are carefully developed using her principle of S.M.A.R.T. eating and cooking: Simple meals + Maximized nutrition + Affordable + Rapid prep time + Tasting delicious. She introduces the readers to the foundations of S.M.A.R.T eating and leads them on a journey to discover all the many powerful super foods available in the Mexican Food Diet. The book presents simple meals for 2 or for the whole family, introducing variations for kids meals. She also teaches how to reuse food to further simplify weekly cooking. The diet in this book, if followed correctly, can allow readers to lose up to 7 pounds in 1 week. It also can benefit you by increasing your energy, mood and general well being, improving the quality of sleep, reducing cravings for sugar and junk food, improving digestion and strengthening self esteem. And very important too, if you continue to follow the principles of the diet, you will begin noticing how your immune system can improve significantly.

The book includes detailed recipes and photos for 7 days of healthy eating that will feel like cheating. It includes detailed steps and photos for 3 meals plus 1 snack per day. It also includes indications on how to reuse any leftovers and how to modify recipes for kids. You will be surprised about how easy yet interesting, flavorful and delicious each recipe is. And of course, rest assured that the combined meals will provide you with powerful nutrition and an easy way to lose weight and detox your body.


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