The Atkins Challenge: Lose Weight with 60 Slow Cooker Recipes for 30 Days (Low-Carb Recipes)


Are you ready to take the challenge? If weight control is at the top of your priorities but also at the top of difficulty, then this book is for you! I want to share with you how I succeeded with the Atkins Challenge and how I am now reaping all the benefits! The Atkins diet is the perfect diet for you; it keeps all the flavors and the textures intact while still controlling you daily carb intake. The problem is not which ingredient to avoid but on how to cook the right portions.

There is another secret to my success with the challenge: my trusty slow cooker or popularly known as the crockpot. This is the reason why cooking Atkins recipes are so easy to do, and the dishes are so delicious while still being low carb.

This book will share you with 60 recipes low carb recipes, all using the slow cooker! Plus it has a suggested meal plan on how to schedule all your recipes for a 30-day duration. You have both the recipes and the plan to prepare them.

Inside you will learn about:

  • 20 Breakfast recipes
  • 10 Beef and pork recipes
  • 10 Chicken and turkey recipes
  • 10 Seafood recipes
  • 10 Veggie recipes

Once you have learned the recipes in this book, plus the tips I want to share with you to be successful with the challenge, then you are right on your way to losing all those unwanted pounds while still having some of the best meals you will ever have.

The sooner you start preparing these recipes, the sooner you will take control of your weight, your diet and your lifestyle!

Happy cooking! Let’s start!


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