The 7 Day Keto Jump Start Plan: A Simple Diet with the Best Recipes for Healthy and Easy Weight Loss (Diet Plan, Ketogenic Diet Menu)


Can’t lose weight?

The answer is obvious and it’s staring you right in the face! Cut

carbs! I know what you are thinking – “but what about my beloved bread,

pasta, pizza, potatoes, and biscuits”. These are the foods that are

stopping you from losing weight.

Here’s what’s included in the 7 Day Keto Jump Start Plan:

  • The Ketogenic Diet Introduction
  • Ketogenic Diet and the Simple Science Behind It
  • The Benefits of Going on a Ketogenic Diet
  • How to Make Your Transition to Ketogenic Diet Go as Smoothly as

  • One-Week Keto Meal Plan #1
  • One-Week Keto Meal Plan #2
  • One-Week Keto Meal Plan #3
  • Importance of Proper Hydration
  • Transitioning off of Keto Diet to Long-Term Healthy eating

There are an overwhelming number of benefits to going on the Ketogenic

diet, not only for the body but also for the body’s overall current and

future well being. Check out some of these benefits:

  • Encourages Weight Loss
    • As explained in the section above, when the body is starved of

      carbs it begins to use the fat stores for energy. This leads to faster

      weight loss. There is not only fat loss but also water loss. Carbs hold

      water in the body, so when they are eliminated the kidneys begin to

      excrete sodium and water.

  • Increased Good Cholesterol
    • There is good and bad cholesterol. HDL (good) is increased when

      we eat good fats. This builds up and protects our arteries from


  • Disease Prevention
    • The Keto diet reduced blood pressure and bad cholesterol which

      significantly reduced the risk of developing future diseases.

  • Increased Energy Levels
    • Energy from fat lasts longer than energy from glucose. People

      have found that their performance is enhanced when on a Keto diet.

  • Reduced Hunger
    • Hunger really is the worst aspect of dieting. It is the main

      reason why so many people fail on their weight loss journeys. So one of

      the great benefits of eating low carb is that is actually reduces

      appetite. This does not happen straight away but after around 2 weeks

      more people say they have to force themselves to eat. A high fat and

      protein diet causes people to stay fuller for longer and feelings of

      hunger is reduced.

  • Can Help Manage Current Illnesses
    • These days people have been turning to natural remedies to cure

      their illnesses. Many cancer patients or those with diabetes use the

      Keto diet to fight their sickness.

  • Reduces Bloating
    • Carbs are heavy on the digestive system, which leads to

      bloating. So when carbs are replaced with fats and proteins, the

      digestive system begins to repair itself leading to a flat and healthy


  • Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels
    • Carbs are always broken down in to glucose, which is just

      sugar. Many people these days have problems with insulin resistance,

      which leads to different types of diabetes. So by lowering our carb

      intake diabetes can be prevented or managed.

  • Reduced Blood Pressure
    • High blood pressure can lead to many diseases. Studies show

      that a low carb diet that is high in protein reduces blood pressure.

  • Therapeutic for Several Brain Disorders
    • The Keto diet first started as a treatment for epilepsy

      patients. Now it is used as a method for treating a number if brain

      disorders. It can help with Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

So what are you waiting for? Your goal body is just a click away!

Just remember – you can achieve whatever you put your mind to!


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