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Brand : Sweet Defeat

Sweet Defeat – Stop Sugar Cravings in Seconds – Sugar Blocker & Craving Suppressant Lozenges with Gymnema Extract – Curb Snacking & Binge Eating – Suppress & Control Appetite for Desserts, 30 Count


Sweet Defeat helps support a low-sugar lifestyle by reducing sugar cravings and consumption. Low sugar lifestyle and diets support weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Sweet Defeat is clinically proven to reduce desire for sweet foods. Without Sweet Defeat, people are 430% more likely to eat sugar! Put it to the test and have a Sweet Defeat, then take a bite of something sweet. Sweet foods don’t taste good because you can’t taste the sugar. Only Natural Ingredients: Gymnema sylvestre, zinc, mint, sorbitol, spirulina. Sweet Defeat is FDA regulated with no known side effects. How To Use Sweet Defeat: 1. Place lozenge on your tongue like a mint, pill, or hard candy 2. Wait seconds for it to dissolve on your tongue 3. Melt your sweet cravings away 4. Repeat 3 times a day after every meal or as needed The effects of Sweet Defeat on sugar cravings is temporary and not permanent so use it as needed.


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