Spiralizer Cookbook – 25 Fun Spiralized Recipes to Boost Your Health: A New and Twisted Way to Eat Your Vegetables


Whether you’re into a vegan or gluten-free diet; on your way to losing weight or would just like to adapt healthy eating habits in general, vegetables are a must in your daily menu. But we’ve been peeling, slicing and cooking vegetables the same way over the years that daily routine has become dull and boring.

The Spiralizer Cookbook: 25 Fun Spiralized Recipes to Boost Your Health was creatively inspired by the spiralizing device that churns out pastas, ribbons and other creative shapes and forms out of your traditional vegetable. This spiralizer recipe book allows you to create spaghetti out of cucumber and zucchinis, rice from turnips and ribbons from apples. The results are new inspired and creative dishes that will encourage you to eat your vegetables more.

Spiralized dishes from fruits, vegetables and rootcrops provide a twisted and whole new way for healthier eating. This spiralizer recipe book will teach you how to:

  • Spiralize your dishes, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in-between meals. You can replace whole wheat pasta with spiralized vegetables, ideal if you are living a vegan, gluten-free or vegan diet.
  • Spiralize vegetables fast. There’s no need to put in so much manual and boring work to julienne your carrots or turnips. You can whip up healthy and hearty dishes in flash.
  • Become more creative with your meals. Pasta is just pasta unless you modify the sauce and toppings. But zucchini pasta is different, and so are sweet potato pasta and courgette noodles. The possibilities of spiralizing your dishes are endless.

This cookbook along with your spiralizing device of choice will earn a prominent place in your kitchen as you become adventurous with your meals and more committed to healthy eating. You can create new meals or re-create your favorite classics with spiralized vegetables – indeed a good way to ensure you’ll always love your meals and eat them too.

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