Slow Cooker Recipes Box Set: Delicious Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Recipes for Healthy Eating (Paleo Pressure Cooker)


Slow Cooker Recipes Box Set

Crock-Pot Magic: Delicious Low Carb Slow Cooking Recipes for Healthy Living

If you have ever wanted to switch to a healthier lifestyle, now is the right time to do it as Crock Pot Magic is offering the best tips, advices and recipes on how to get your low carb meal ready and tastier than ever. Among great advices on how to use crock-pot, we are also sharing some of the greatest low carb crock-pot recipes we have come across.

Crock Pot Magic: Delicious Low Carb Slow Cooking Recipes for Healthier Living is offering you unique opportunity to learn everything there is to know about low carb food and low carb diet, along with teaching you how to get your meals ready to suit your diet requirements. As Crock Pot Magic is not just an ordinary cook book, you will also get to learn some handy crock pot cooking tips, find out which groceries you can use for your low carb diet, learn everything there is to know about low carb diet and learn how to cook with slow cooker, as every meal you prepare will be better than the next one.

Who says that you have to renounce great taste once you start with a diet?

Take a look at what we have to say in our Crock-Pot Magic handbook:

• What is Low Carb Diet and how your body can benefit of it

• Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

• Low Carb Lunch Recipes

• Low Carb Dinner Recipes

• Crock-Pot cooking and crock-pot top tips and recipes

• Tips and Advices

• Low carb grocery lists

Practical Paleo for Busy People: Delicious Recipes for Your Slow Cooker that are Low Carb and Gluten Free!

Too many people think that the Paleo diet and lifestyle is too complicated, with too much work to be effective. They worry that they will not find foods to eat outside of the home and fret that they just do not have the time to cook the meals that the need.

But, cheer up! This book is the perfect answer to both types of people and for everybody else as well! Your slow cooker is about to become the perfect solution to your new Paleo lifestyle or a welcome addition to it if you are an old pro by now. Everything from fast and simple breakfasts to elegant dinners and even snacks and desserts is covered here and most will require no more than a few ingredients and a few minutes of hands on time. Your slow cooker will do the rest.

Nearly every recipe that is included here will be not only Paleo friendly (which means it will be low carb) but gluten free as well so they can be used by people who are not even following a Paleo diet at all. Even better, these are recipes the entire family will enjoy so there will be no need to make separate dishes any more.

Slow Cooker Recipes: Healthy, Delicious, Easy-to-Make, Gluten-Free Recipes for Better and Healthier Eating

We all know the microwave; it is the 21st century ‘go to guy’ in the kitchen. But there is a more powerful, more versatile, and more fun way to make delicious, healthy and economical meals for you and your family. Welcome back, Slow Cooker.

If you have wrung your hands about how to prepare meals for your family and friends that are at once gluten-free and appealing to a wide variety of tastes, this book is for you. Within its pages are a dozen alternatives that will not only please the pallet and the pocketbook, they will appeal to the physician as well.

Inside You Will Learn:

• The Evolution of the Counter Slow – Cooker

• In-cooker Casserole Recipes of Gluten-free Goodness

• Allergies and the Appetite: Making Food ‘Good’.

• The Difference a Day Makes: Cooking Slowly and its Glorious Side Effects

• Souper Soups that will Feed your Family Fabulously

• The Lost Art of Leisurely Dining

• Family Tips on Getting the Kids to the Table

• Surprising Breakfast- Ready Recipes


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