Slow Cooker Low Carb BOX SET 3 IN 1: 90 Healthy Low Carb Recipes For Weight Loss Without Diet And Exercise!: (high protein, low carb diet books, low carb, … Cookbook, Low Carb High Fat Diet Book 4)


Slow Cooker Low Carb BOX SET 3 IN 1: 90 Healthy Low Carb Recipes For Weight Loss Without Diet And Exercise!

BOOK #1: Low Carb Diet Cookbook. Vol. 1: 30 Breakfast Recipes. How To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving

If you are looking for some low-carb breakfast ideas then this is the book for you it has a wide assortment of breakfast recipes that are low-carb and tasty! If you are looking for low-carb breakfast recipe ideas this tells me that you are someone that wants to choose healthier options when it comes to your meal planning. This is smart thinking on your behalf many more of us need to get on the eating healthier band wagon. In a world that is fast paced with fast foods on every corner, it can be a bit of a challenge staying on a completely healthy diet. Starting your day of with a healthy low-carb breakfast is certainly a good start to your day!

Why should you download this book?

If you are truly serious about starting to add healthier choices into your lifestyle it will certainly help you along your way if you have some healthy recipe ideas at hand. If you have these low-carb breakfast recipes you are more likely to try them out and eat more low-carb breakfasts. If not many of us tend to go right back to what we know and often those are bad habits like eating unhealthy foods for breakfast. You need to invest some effort into planning healthy meals for you and your loved ones. The better food choices that you make will help to ensure lowering your risks of developing serious and sometimes life threatening ailments such as heart disease. Starting your day off with a low-carb breakfast is a healthy way to start your day!

BOOK #2: Low Carb Diet Cookbook Vol. 2: 30 Lunch RecipesHow To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving

This is my second volume or book in a series of cook books that offers low-carb recipes for each meal of the day. Each book in the series concentrates on one particular meal of the day. Volume one of the series was based around recipes for a low-carb breakfast, this book (volume 2) is based around low-carb lunches with other volumes to come. You will find a selection of 50 different low-carb lunch recipes for you to choose from so there is certainly no shortage of selection for you in this cook book. If you want to start living a better healthier lifestyle then a great place to start this is with the types of foods that you are including in your daily meals. Living in this fast paced world you need to provide yourself with foods that are going to help you to keep up to the fast pace. In this book you will find recipes that will help you to be able to function in a healthy manner in day to day living.

BOOK #3: Low Carb Diet Cookbook Vol. 3: 30 Dinner Recipes. How To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving

In this book I have compiled some great and easy to prepare low-carb dinner recipes, that will help to take the guess work out of what to cook for dinner! It is very hard when your days are filled with busy tasks to have a lot of time to spend on deciding what you are going to make for your family for dinner each and every night. Have some comfort in knowing that not only are the recipes that I am sharing with you in this book low-carb, they are also very easy to prepare and best of all is that they taste great! You will have your family members requesting these low-carb dinners, not because they are a healthy meal choice but simply because they like how they taste!

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