Price : $42.00
Brand : mymi wonder sauna suit

Slim Sauna Suit for Body Weight Loss (Bath Suit) / Anion, Far-infrared


[Product] : Slim Sauna Suit for weight loss [Brand] : Mymi Wonder Sauna Suit [Country of Origin] : Made in Korea (exports to JAPAN) [Size] : Free Size for Man & Woman [Product Material and Ingredient] : NAF TPU Film & Sophoricoside , Caffeine, Capsaicin [Product Features] 1.We got the patents for ‘Sophoricoside’ material in Korea and Worldwide. Sophoricoside is effective for resolving body fat. -Korea patent : 10-0796004 -PCT Applied Number : WO 2008/010663 A1 2.Material patent for NAF PU Film (deeping see diving suit) Material and manufacturing Process patent gained. —-How to use—-. (in case of first or second used, chances are you can not feel sweat coming out a lot. but when you use it continually, you can feel this effect enough) 1.fill the tub by two-thirds (about 38-42℃). 2.wear it feetfirst to chest. 3.get into the tub slowly gripping a rack. much sweat coming out depends on user. 5.after use it, please wash your body. 6.after then, take a rest and drink water enough. —-Notice—- 1.Don’t use it above 15-20 minutes. case of those who is pregnant woman and have a period, Don’t use it. 3.Beware of skidding.(don’t walk) 4.after use it, wash inside it and Store it in a dry place. 5.when you feel rash or itchy or vertigo during using it, Stop using it. case of hypertensive and other surgical patients, use it after contact with doctor. 7.prevent it from sharp things such as knife or scissors.


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