Price : $317.60
Brand : Shaklee

Shaklee 180® Turnaround Kit Energizing Smoothee Mix (3 Canisters), Meal-in-a-Bar (2 Boxes), Sweet Snack Treat, Energizing Tea, Metabolic Boost


How to Order:
1. Please select the 3 Energizing Smoothee Mixes and 2 Meal-in-a-Bar Boxes (erroneously displayed as Snacks) from the hoverable selection above.
2. Add the item to your Cart, Checkout and place your Order
3. Go to your Order History
4. Send us a Message within 24 hours of your order with your choice of Sweet Treat Snack and Energizing Tea.
1A. Crunch PB Snack | 1B. Toffee & Choco Snack | 1C. Cherry & Almond Snack | 1D. Choco & Coconut Snack | 1E. Assorted Snack
2A. Green Matcha Tea | 2B. Pomegranate Tea
Example: “I would also like 1D and 2B”.

Note: If you do not send us a message with your choice, we will ship 1A and 2A by default.


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