Salad Recipes: Superfoods Kale: 21 Healthy and Easy Recipes to Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul. (Antioxidants, Organic, Kale, health, soul, Whole foods , Nutrition, Vitamins, Common ingredients)


Superfoods Kale: 21 Healthy and Easy Recipes to Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul..

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“When I’m having a bad day, I go to the grocery store and push a cart full of Kale around until I feel superior to everyone” – unknown

This book takes you into a world of cooking with Kale – a healthy food packed full of nutrients, vitamins and fibre and often described as a superfood. Kale can be a part of your healthy eating and lifestyle. This book highlights the superfood Kale in twenty one recipes including smoothies, appetizers, salads and main meals. The recipes featured in this book use every day, easy to find, ingredients and whole foods that you are probably already using. If you haven’t cooked with kale before, this collection of recipes will help you bring kale into simple everyday meals and bring the health benefits of this amazing food into your daily diet.

The Kale Recipes include:.

  • Kale Caesar Salad
  • Linguini with Kale Pesto
  • Tuscan Kale and Sausage Pasta
  • Kale and Artichoke Dip

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