QUINOA COOKBOOK: Harness The Power Of An Ancient Superfood (Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss) (Cooking With Quinoa)


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Have you heard all the hype about Quinoa? Is it truly this ancient superfood that we are just now discovering again?

Quinoa Cookbook Unlocks The Mother Seed

Quinoa is not only delicious but has quite the history. The Inca’s referred to it as the “mother seed” and considered it sacred. It was their staple food for almost 5000 years until the Spanish conquistadors almost made it extinct when they made it illegal to be grown.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that it was rediscovered by some Americans and started to be grown again in Colorado. That little seed thankfully refused to disappear.

What Makes Quinoa Such A Powerhouse?

The biggest thing for many people is that quinoa is gluten free. That is a blessing for people with celiac or those with gluten sensitivities. It is high in protein which is great for vegetarians and vegans who need that additional protein in their diet.

When it comes to weight loss quinoa is like your best friend. It is a great complex carb that is low on the glycemic index which means it burns slow without the energy highs and lows. It only has 172 calories per ¼ cup of uncooked seeds. Being it so filling you eat a lot less compared to other grains.

It is great for migraine sufferers as it contains riboflavin which improves the energy metabolism within the brain and muscle cells. With the anti-inflammatory properties, it fits great with clean eating diets, anti-inflammatory diets and even alkaline diets.

Besides all that it tastes great added to almost anything you can think of. Add it to salads, stir fry’s, eat it for breakfast with dried fruit and even as meat free burgers. The list is endless so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Inside you will find some great recipes like:

  • Quinoa Cinnamon Breakfast Bake
  • Artichoke Quinoa Salad
  • Quinoa Crispy Pizza
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Quinoa Bake

Ready To Get Cooking?

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