Quick and Easy Healthy Cookbook Box Set: Healthy 5-Ingredient and Dinner Recipes for You to Try Out at Home (Dump Dinner & Budget Meals)


Quick and Easy Healthy Cookbook Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: The 5-Ingredient Cookbook: Over 50 Recipes of Healthy and Scrumptious Meals to Try!

Do you know how easy it is to cook delicious recipes that contain only five, YES JUST FIVE ingredients?

Not only does this cut down on the preparation time, but it’s also healthy for your budget too. Delicious and simple meals can be combined which are filling and nutritious. From smoothies and breakfasts to salads, pasta, and dinners, there is a variety of dishes and meals that you can have ready in minutes. I bet right now, there are ingredients you have at home that can be made into some amazing quick and easy meals. Five is the key!

If you would like to know how you can prepare some five ingredient marvels, then this is the book for you. Many of the recipes in this book are cooked using fresh ingredients or healthy, minimally processed foods. There are dishes for vegetarians, and many of the meat-based recipes can be substituted for vegetarian alternatives and vice versa. One thing is guaranteed; they are delicious and have easy to follow step-by-step instructions for you to follow. You will find a selection of some family favorites as well as some other interesting concoctions to create.

This book contains 60 recipes that you can cook with only five ingredients per recipe. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Save yourself preparation time and hours slaving over a hot stove. From making a simple breakfast to planning a dinner party or celebration, there are recipes in here that will delight and impress your friends and family as well as tickle your taste buds.

Inside You Will Learn:

• How to make smoothies and breakfasts

• Options to take a packed lunch

• Quick meals to grab and go

• Make ahead meals for convenience

• Sandwiches, Pasta, and Soups

• Slow Cooker Meals

• Dinner Dishes

• Desserts and Cookies

• Some Good Advice and Common Mistakes to Avoid.

• Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

• All the ingredients needed for each recipe.

• Step by step methods with easy to follow instructions

• And much more.

Once you learn the ease of cooking with only five ingredients there will be no stopping. It will not only make your meal times easier, but it will help you to plan menus and shop within your budget. You will no longer spend hours prepping and cooking every day as these simplified, and easy recipes will remove a lot of the stress and pressure to provide meals for you and your family.

Book Two: Healthy Dinner Cookbook: 36 Simple and Delicious Low Fat Meat and Fish Recipes for Busy People

You are required to stick to a low fat diet to get the desired outcomes without having any problems related to your health. This book is comprised of 36 delicious and low fat recipes which will help you in getting rid of excess body fat and also switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Regularly utilized plant-based food items you need to keep away from because they contain soaked fat are coconut, palm oil, and cocoa spread. On a low-fat eating routine that constrains the measure of fat you can eat, the vast majority of your fats ought to be from this class. Soaked fats originate from natural items, for example, meat and dairy foods.

The book is comprised of the following main points so that you may not feel any ambiguity while going through it.

In this book you will learn:

• How a Low Fat Diet Can Be Beneficial for You?

• Why It Is Important to Have a Low Fat Diet Specifically for Dinner?

• The Key Appliances Which Play an Important Role in Making Low Fat Recipes

• Usage of Low Fat Recipe Making Appliances and Tools

• 8 Low Fat Recipes (Chicken)

• 8 Low Fat Recipes (Lamb)

• 8 Recipes of Starters (Low Fat)

• 4 Delicious Beef Low Fat Recipes

• 8 Low Fat Fish Recipes

Don’t wait another minute. Learn how to revolutionize your mealtimes by simplifying your recipes.


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